by The Black Ships

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released January 2, 2011

all songs written and preformed by the Black Ships

John Gill – guitars, vocals, bass
Shane Sanchez – beats, keyboards, sampling

additional bass by David Ochal
additional vocals on track 8 by Shannon Larue
Simon Grimes appears on track 3 courtesy of Sub-Bombin records

recorded summer 2010 at the citadel
arranging by Shane Sanchez
mixed and mastered by Kevin Kenkel and SP studios L.A.
album art work by John Gill





all rights reserved


The Black Ships Saratoga Springs, New York

the black ships are sailing...
booking contact - BlackShips1@gmail.com

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Track Name: Black Ships
Solomons to the China sea
jungles burn
dead men in trees
you one gun punks
wont work with me
you're royalty until the end

oh lucky Jim
how can you be breathing
we watched from the hill as they walked you away
clouds in the skies
above armies retreating
you 're shot in the the back from both sides

I look out to sea
the black ships are sailing
I wonder if this is worth keeping at all
I cannot explain
why cant we determine
just watching the waves
as they wash up on shore
Track Name: Bangalor
never was lonely
I lamented my summer
was closing my eyes
at the first sign of snow

how I long for surrender
these boots of abandon
there must be a way
of letting them go

the setting sun
is pooling blood
flowing forever
until morning comes
lost tonight
I watch the guns light up the sky
when its gone
will all your colours start to run

just bury me please
get me away from here
just bury me please
yeah far away from here
I was waving
not drowning
its all over
all over
not waving
I was drowning
all over
all over
not waving
I was drowning
all over
all over
Track Name: Lost Beach (featuring Sime Gezus)
got the feedback
don't take me back
I want to go there
I want to be there
can you believe me for just once this time
I'm wrapped in silver
I'm hauling the chains
setting the sails again and again
mark the horizon
map out the lines
past to the present
I'm all out of time

why would you take my time away from me
why would you take that time away from me baby
filled the sky with a tropical storm
moving the trees all over

oil floods water
all drown in the wake
the black ships are sailing
the crew cant find the brake
klaxons are blaring
the admiral roars command
while submarines dive in oceans
and armies fight with the sun

yo yo yo
at 9 years old dad said touch grandpoppies fingers and they was cold
three days before
everybody cryin' in the bedroom
Ramiraz hit the floor
Natasha walked to him like her feet were sore
daddy took his glasses off
he said everybody loved him
we gonna miss him

Bobby was away
me and Kima didin't cry
mommy looked at daddy, and kissed em
they prayed

I loved Jesus
but now I was scared of him
It wasn't fair to me
how we get compared to him
why you take grandpa Grimes from our lives
he never got to see me grow up
my family disconnected
I fall in love with devil bitches
I get drunk and then I throw up
I write my life, you don't know how this hell feels
in my dreams I'm alive
when I wake up, I be dead still
OD off the red pill
Track Name: Joan of Arc
we are the black ships
we are the dead men
skeleton crews
riding the breeze
a hopeless romantic
raises her banner
can anybody say what she sees

mystics and mirrors
a warning to call for
bleeding, not bashing the best of them in
sun it is setting, who can be calling
a message
a message
is all that I bring

for honor and glory
the walls have been falling
for honor and glory
there is something to be
one humble servant
one act to call for
oh lord how could you do this to me

stately kings
darkened thrones
long lush grasses the winds do blow
where blood is spilled
now the flowers will grow

never thought I
would be hearing
words that you found most endearing
can you speak your bitter language
can you tell me
where you are buried
summer through winter
winter through fall
somehow you managed to last through them all

stately kings
darkened thrones
long lush grasses the winds do blow
where blood is spilled
now the flowers will grow
Track Name: 731
death emperor
we follow your every command

bomb blast
kills fast
moonlit Fujiyama
dreams of dying in a foreign land

blood flows in the gutter
bayonets on my command
east shore
west shore
dreams of blue November
rotting skulls
slivers of sand

there's no love
there's no way
there's no life
there's just hate
were on fire
we all are

black ships sail my emperor
we followed every command
I dream of moonlit Fujiyama
rotting jungles
slivers of sand

Track Name: Partisan
cast away in salt spray
no I don't wanna be
I don't want to see it yet
between the lines an absence of style
between the earth and the sky
it goes for miles

said you'd wait
said you'd stay
called it fate
you said a lot that day

name them
bury them
to each his own
come here partisan
I'll show you the road
show you the road

I sail with the black ships
soulless armada
stalking the life and the light up on shore
respect was demanded
forgiveness longed for
set sail in April
forgotten by fall

where will it end
where will it end
where will it end
where will it end
where will it end
Track Name: Legion
down on the sunken road I saw
four bloody horsemen
four of the ones awaiting my call
out of the blue
waving your flag around
out of the blue
never a sound
never a sound

my bones tumble into the breach
weed worn and salt cut
never so peaceful
never at ease

marching your legion
deep into forests full of pain
never in season
never the time to wait out the rain

stand by my Odessa
deep in the black sea
high on the mount
I have been crawling
seeking out something
I cant be without
Track Name: Athena
gone are your noble days
cement and sad structure
the autumn leaves are swept away
dropped me down
to my knees
the pale sea
crashes on the land
crashed upon the iron clad

bones of red
that sickly pink of cherry blossom
falls on my head
falls over now
it never should have been
down the lane
through broken trees
to harbor streets that still call my name
i'll never answer anyway

I lost you in your noble ways
we're in this sad structure
locked away
the autumn leaves are swept away
I'm swept away
dropped me down
to my knees
I crash in the pale sea